Deutsches Haus is a luxury curtains and textiles design house that was established in 1995. Deutsches Haus is specialized in Egyptian handmade curtains and fabrics. We provide classic, contemporary and modern designs that would suit different tastes and styles.


We take pride in leading the Egyptian market of curtains and textiles. With our expertise, quality and designs, we were able to develop our local market into an international one.


A young age when he studied the textile and clothing technology in Germany and worked in different textile companies in Europe. Capitalizing on his German practical and academic background, Zahran was able to bring state-of-the-art German textile technology into the Egyptian market.


Basem Zahran’s vision is to uphold Deutsches Haus’ distinct reputation as the leading Egyptian fabrics and curtain designer. We take responsibility in maintaining a quality-control process that satisfies our valued customers.


Basem Zahran’s mission is to expand in the MENA region and develop technical schools that train young designers, weavers and sculptors.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Deutsches Haus is all about the revival of the world’s historic places, architecture and designs. Each of our curtains and fabrics has a unique historic and cultural association. Moreover, Deutsches Haus is interested in modernizing the classiest pieces by allowing the contemporary world to take a huge part in its collections.

Working with artisans who have inherited the talent of designing, weaving, sculpturing and embroidering, Zahran was able to bring his top-notch designs into life.