Best Modern Curtains exhibition in Egypt

Curtains add an aesthetic touch to the home or office in which it is located, and now there are many curtains with different modern and classic designs.

and many homeowners resort to Deutsche Hausch Show because it is considered the Modern Alluring Curtains exhibition in Egypt .

where there are curtains in modern colors and excellent materials at reasonable prices, in addition to Its quality and efficiency in installation and detail.

Top Curtains exhibition in Cairo

Because curtains are one of the most influential decorations in the home, as they give a feeling of vitality and distinguish each house from the other, we present to you today the best curtains store in Cairo

It suits the seasons of the year, summer and winter.

The importance of curtains is not only limited to the wonderful aesthetic form, but they are used to insulate heat in places that are characterized by extreme cold, as well as they can be used to isolate moisture, and maintain privacy as they block the view from the outside.

How to choose curtains

There are several criteria for choosing curtains that are suitable for every place in the house, including:

  • First, determine the location of the curtain installation.
  • Secondly, determine the area of ​​the curtain accurately.
  • Third, choose the type of fabric to be used in the room.

Fourthly, taking into account if the place allows the passage of the sun clearly inside the room, you should choose a type of fabric that insulates light and heat so as not to cause you to worry about light or heat.

The finest quality curtain fabrics

Deutsche House, the best Modern Curtains exhibition fair in Cairo, is keen to provide a wonderful assortment of the finest types of curtain fabrics, including:

Linen: Linen is one of the most widely used types of fabrics because it is easy to clean and its weight is heavy. It is preferable to use it in the upper layer of curtains (the clear layer) because it allows the passage of light through it.

  • Velor: Velor is used in salon rooms more because of its luxury, and also because of its beautiful appearance that catches the eye.
  • Cotton: Cotton is an excellent insulator of light, so it is frequently used in bedrooms.
  • Organza: very similar to lace, characterized by elegance and beauty. But it differs in the degree of glossiness.
  • Satin: Satin is widely used in the upper layer due to its elegance and durability.
  • Chiffon: Many people prefer to use chiffon in curtains due to its elegance and high elegance; Therefore, it is frequently used with modern taste makers.

Mistakes to avoid when choosing curtains for your home

  • Choosing types of fabrics that are not appropriate to the place in which they are placed; Every place in the house has a certain type of curtain to suit it.
  • Not defining the space correctly and taking it as an estimate.
  • Exaggeration in choosing colors without taking into account the colors of the walls or the furniture in the place.
  • Choosing organza or chiffon curtains for bedrooms or children’s rooms.
  • Not installing accessories for curtains.
  • Relying on a technician who is not good at installing curtains and therefore you will not get the final shape of the curtains with the same design chosen.

Curtain cleaning methods

Deutsch House showroom offers easy-to-clean curtains. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or a steam machine if there is any. They can also be placed in the washing machine and washed, and they can also be cleaned with a wet sponge and left to dry. It is preferable that we do this step continuously in order to prevent the accumulation of dust on it.

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