The Best Modern Curtains stores in Egypt

The beauty of the house is completed with the appropriate curtains.

just as the beauty of the bride is concealed by the veil. A variety of Modern Curtains stores in Egypt in multiple colors and different types of curtain stores fabrics such as chiffon, organza, silk, velor, voile, taffeta, linen, cotton and blackout.

Why do you deal with Deutsche House stores?

Deutsch House stores are one of the largest stores specialized in the sale and installation of curtains of various types in Egypt.

Huge range of contemporary and modern curtains with unique designs and types of fabrics of unparalleled quality.

Deutsch House stores provide its customers with many different services such as installing and tailoring curtains.

as well as helping customers choose the colors that suit the decor of the place where the curtain is to be placed.

The children’s room requires a velor-type fabric to block the light, as for the office room, it requires classic plain curtains to show the place elegantly.

install accessories for curtains

there is also a wide range of the latest types of accessories for curtains that the customer chooses to increase the beauty of the curtains.

Steps to choosing the right curtain for your home Dear customer, when you intend to buy a new curtain for your home.

you must pay attention to some tips, including: • Determining the curtain sizes accurately, and adding 25 cm in order to add a special aesthetic touch, even if the fabric is subjected to shrinkage. •

Install accessories for hanging the curtain, such as the balcony, to protect it from falling.

Choosing an appropriate type of fabric, shape and color that suits home decorations, whether furniture, carpets, or room paint.

It is better to choose a curtain design that is easy to clean and does not need to be ironed continuously.

External balcony curtains, it is better that they be made of heavy fabric that can withstand air, dust, rain and extreme heat in the summer.

If the rooms of the house are narrow, it is better to choose light colors because they give a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

It is worth noting that the Deutsche House team will assist you in all these details until you get the curtains that you dream of without making any effort.

Top Curtains stores in Cairo 2022

The curtains in Deutsche House are the complementary part to the beauty of the house beside the furniture, walls, paintings and all other details.

You can find classic designs that suit offices in particular and distinctively, and local and international models that suit all places in the house.

Deutsche House Modern Curtains stores provide distinguished customer service 24 hours a day.

Deutsche House also work on installing and detailing curtains in a modern and modern style, relying on modern tools that show the curtains. elegantly.

The types of curtains vary depending on the needs of each room.

and Deutsch House stores have a lot of materials and fabrics that are used in the manufacture of curtains.

and curtains include lace, silk, chiffon, and others, and each material has certain advantages and uses.

Curtain cleaning Sampel methods 

Deutsch House showroom offers easy-to-clean curtains. They can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust or a steam machine if there is any. They can also be placed in the washing machine and washed, and they can also be cleaned with a wet sponge and left to dry. It is preferable that we do this step continuously in order to prevent the accumulation of dust on it.

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